Supply Chain Management Expert

Chain Restaurants generally work with over a thousand individual suppliers for the purchase and delivery of their various food and packaging products, equipment and services. Supply Chain Management frequently impacts on lawsuits involving many different aspects of a chain restaurant. Juelene Beck and her company Juelene Beck & Associates, L.L.C. provide assistance for attorneys on cases in which supply chain management has implications. She has worked with some of the largest chains in the U.S. including McDonald’s, Burger King, Subway, and Dunkin’ Donuts. She has a plethora of expert witness experience on federal cases, patent cases, Rule 26 reports, depositions and jury trials.

Expert Witness On Supply Chain Management

Ms. Beck managed the global supply chain network for Burger King where she had a special focus on worldwide quality assurance. As an Executive Vice President at Brooks Food Group, a minority-owned food processing company that supplies the Chain Restaurant industry, she played a key role in its relationships with Chain Restaurant customers and potential customers. Of course, food product specifications, quality assurance, and quality control are all important aspects of Supply Chain Management. Over the years, she has worked closely with many food processors who supply products to Chain Restaurants. She has extensive expertise in the “standard of the industry” and understands the expectations that franchisors and suppliers have of each other. Additionally, Ms.Beck’s strong background in science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry, a Master’s Degree in Food Science, and her experience as a postgraduate Research Associate at MIT, give her an extremely solid and insightful foundation from which to understand and evaluate legal matters having to do with supply chain as well as operations.

What is Restaurant Supply Chain Management and Why Is It Important?

Supply Chain Management is the administration of the distribution of resources needed to run a restaurant. Without proper management of supply chains, the restaurants’ goods and products may arrive late or not at all, which is problematic for Chain Restaurants. When one restaurant doesn’t have what they need, customers will likely go to competitors instead. Chain Restaurants should be well informed by their franchisor about who their “approved” suppliers and distributors are. There are now a number of technology “solutions” that can assist store managers and their distributors in ordering the appropriate amounts of supplies more precisely than in previous decades, such that they do not run out of any items. These technology “solutions” also help ensure that they do not order too much, which costs them money long-term, and uses precious storage space.

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