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Chain Restaurant Management, Operations, Food Safety, Franchisor-Franchisee Relationships, Supply Chain Management, and Food Product Development

Chain Restaurant Management

Juelene Beck brings a unique and thorough understanding of the food service and chain restaurant industry to every engagement. Her executive and product management experience with leading chain restaurant franchisors and food service suppliers, supplemented with her work as a consultant on strategic planning and expert witness matters, gives her specialized knowledge of standard industry practices.

Ms. Beck can evaluate a foodservice business matter from the perspective of both the operator (the franchisee and/or franchisor) and supplier (such as a food processor who sells to chain restaurants). Her familiarity with food safety systems and related foodservice operations is both broad and deep in regard to the services described on this page and elsewhere in this website.

Chain Restaurant Operations

Ms. Beck has actively worked or consulted with a range of restaurant types, including quick service restaurants (QSR), fast food, fast casual, family dining, and casual dining.  She has worked with over 30 of the top 100 restaurant chains (NRN, 2018).  She is familiar with supply chain management, food product specifications, operations manuals, “front of the house” and “back of the house” restaurant procedures.

Quality Assurance and Food Safety Systems

Ms. Beck has deep knowledge in the areas of chain restaurant food safety systems, quality assurance and supply chain management. She understands the importance of time and temperature in restaurant operations: food temperature for heated foods (hamburgers, chicken patties, meatballs, soups) and refrigerated foods (thawed cold cuts, prepped lettuce and tomatoes); food storage and handling procedures.

She designed and established the food safety system for the Subway supply chain in North America (as a consultant), working closely with Subway’s purchasing cooperative, IPC, and the product development department of the franchisor (DAI).

During her food service industry career, Ms. Beck has gained an appreciation of the food industry guidelines balancing food safety and cost, including food safety requirements and quality considerations.

Ms. Beck has played a key role in advising the Department of Homeland Security, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the Center for Disease Control (CDC) in developing food service biosecurity standards for food safety to protect against bioterrorism threats.This initiative relates to the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002 (the Bioterrorism Act).

Franchise Management for and between the Franchisor and Franchisee

Ms. Beck is very familiar with standard franchise industry terms, as well as the issues associated with the franchisor and franchisee relationship. She is a former CEO for the North American Association of Subway Franchisees, the organization that acts as a voice for all Subway franchisees in North America. While working on the franchisor side of Burger King and Dunkin’ Donuts, she worked closely with a number of franchisee groups, gaining significant practical experience in meeting the needs and overcoming the challenges faced by franchisors while working with their franchisee associations.

Standard foodservice franchise contracts and documentation are well known to Ms. Beck, including franchise agreements, franchise rights, royalties, licensing, and use of the franchisor’s trademarks or service marks. Additionally, she has a solid grasp of foodservice industry standards in regard to franchisee training, site location services, design and construction of the franchisee’s premises, purchasing of food and packaging supplies and equipment, and food quality standards.

Ms. Beck is also well informed on a wide range of the fundamental issues that frequently create a barrier to establishing successful franchisee-franchisor relationships.

Supply Chain Management

Fast food and other chain restaurants frequently work with hundreds of individual suppliers for the purchase and delivery of various food products, packaging and services. Ms. Beck managed the supply chain network for Burger King, with a special focus on worldwide quality assurance. She is very familiar with the chain restaurant and fast food industry guidelines for food product specifications, quality assurance, and quality control.

Ms. Beck has worked closely over many years with many food processors who supply products to chain restaurants. As such, she has significant expertise in the area of the “standard of the industry” regarding expectations of franchisors and suppliers for each other.

Food Product Development

Ms. Beck developed major new food products while managing brands for Dunkin’ Donuts, Burger King and Procter & Gamble. She has played a leadership role in food product quality strategy and execution; global menu management; promotional product strategy and execution; regional food product testing and approval; and the marketing and advertising of new and improved food products. She also has significant expertise in the development and execution of brand strategy, as well as the profitable management of food brands.

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