Food Safety Systems and Quality Assurance

Juelene Beck & Associates, L.L.C. has had extensive experience with Food Safety and Quality Assurance in the restaurant and food processing industries. Ms. Beck managed Burger King Corporation’s global Food Safety and Quality Assurance systems, which included their 1400 suppliers worldwide, and has provided consulting assistance for those of many other Chain Restaurants as well. She played a key role in designing and establishing the Food Safety system for the Subway restaurant chain in North America, and has provided competitive analyses of those of many other Top 100 Chain Restaurants as part of her on-going work. She is a Food Safety expert witness with strong professional qualifications and a proven reputation in this area.

The Importance of Food Safety from a Food Safety Expert Witness

Without Food Safety systems you risk the chance of sickening people from your food, or potentially dying in worst-case scenarios. Not only will this result in serious legal consequences for you and your company, but it will also destroy the reputation of your business and brand name(s). Food Safety is not just important for the safety of your customers but it protects your employees as well. Food that is not properly prepared can also sicken your staff. For example, a cook who touches raw meat directly with their hands and then does not wash them properly could be at risk for bacterial and other microbial infections. By protecting those who eat your food and those who produce it, you are also protecting yourself. Without a proper Food Safety program, your restaurant or food manufacturing operation will not be able to succeed and thrive.

What is Quality Assurance

Many people use the terms “quality assurance” and “quality control” interchangeably, but they are actually two different functions despite being related. Quality Assurance indicates the systems put into place to ensure that a company’s quality and safety standards are being controlled and meet all the specifications established. Quality Control is whatever measures are being taken on an ongoing basis to ensure that all products being produced are meeting specific standards and every aspect of customers’ specifications. To make sure this is accomplished, proper oversight is critical, including timely audits and inspections. Time and temperature are key to proper restaurant operations, as well as proper HACCP Plans (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points). Ms. Beck understands this and has extensive expertise in the food and restaurant industries to help you review your current Quality Assurance systems or to serve as an Expert Witness.

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If you need a Food Safety Expert Witness or someone to consult on your Food Safety systems or Quality Assurance, call Juelene Beck & Associates, L.L.C. today. Ms.Beck developed the Food Safety systems for several of the top chains, has managed the operations, globally, of others, and has conducted in-depth reviews of many other major chains. Ms. Beck even played a key role in advising the Department of Homeland Security, the Food & Drug Administration (FDA), and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) in developing their foodservice biosecurity standards for Food Safety to protect against bioterrorism threats. If you are interested, please call us today or fill out the contact sheet on our website. We will be sure to get back to you within a day or less. We value your time and are excited to work with you.


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