Franchise Management for and between the Franchisor and Franchisee

Whether you are a franchisor or franchisee, proper food service Franchise Management is essential to the success of your franchises. Having been on the corporate side of the Chain Restaurant business in varying roles of increasing management responsibility, Ms. Beck understands the franchisor’s functions and responsibilities very well in most of the key functional areas. Her knowledge of the “Standard of the Industry” plays a critical role in many of the cases she has handled. In every one of her corporate positions, however, working closely with the relevant franchisees has been imperative, and a key to successful outcomes. As the former CEO of the North American Association of Subway Franchisees, Ms. Beck is well acquainted with the common issues that plague the franchisor and franchisee relationship. She has learned the key to solving these issues is through successful Franchise Management. To help both franchisors and franchisees achieve this, below we’ll explain what Franchise Management is, why you need it, and why you should call Juelene Beck & Associates, L.L.C. Not only can Ms. Beck offer you a consultation but she can also act as a franchise Expert Witness. If your franchisor is based in North America, Ms. Beck is here for you.

What is Franchise Management

Franchise Management is all the aspects that go into operating a chain of businesses for which franchises or individual stores are sold to individuals or companies who agree to operate them as the franchisor mandates. The management aspects fall on both the franchisors and franchisees and require both to be in agreement to work successfully. Some of these features include franchisee training, site location services, purchasing of food and packaging supplies and equipment, and food quality standards. The goal is to make each franchise location as efficient and profitable as possible, by having virtually identical practices, procedures and programs. This is designed to ensure that the brand’s target consumers are receiving the same experience in every restaurant, and that its customers remain satisfied and happy.

Keys to Successful Food Service Franchise Management

Proper Communication

Whether you own the franchises (franchisor) or are the one operating the actual restaurant on a daily basis (franchisee), you should communicate well with the other party. Through having excellent communication and listening skills both sides can know the direction the franchisor wants to take, what is working and what is not, and can have open dialogues about making changes and continuous improvements.

Most frequently and arguably most effectively, these communications are facilitated and rendered most efficiently through Franchisee Advisory Boards/Committees that meet regularly with the relevant franchisor managers. The Franchisee Advisory Boards/Committees are designed to review on-going products and programs in the field and any issues related to them and products and programs in development for potential new offerings, designed to continue to attract current and new consumer customers. These regularly scheduled meetings help franchisees and key franchisor managers develop better relationships with each other through which both can broaden and deepen their understanding of the highest priority issues to address.

Updated Technology

The world is always evolving and businesses that do not do the same are bound to fail. Making sure both franchisor and franchisees are on top of the latest trends and technology helps to stay ahead of competitors and allows restaurants to attract new customers. There are many vendors that can help inform both franchisors and franchisees of the latest relevant technologies, and how they might apply to any one particular chain.


Like new technology, both franchisors and franchisees need to be constantly coming up with new ideas. Whether it be new food products, marketing campaigns, sales promotions, or updates to your franchise locations, new energy should be constantly injected into your franchise to keep consumers interested and excited about your brand.

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