Many consumer decisions are made based solely on a chain restaurant’s menu. There are a lot of factors that go into a menu that consumers don’t think about such as pricing, availability of ingredients, allergies, food manufacturing capability, daypart interest by potential consumers, etc. How do you navigate all of these considerations while keeping your company legally safe? As a restaurant expert witness, Ms. Beck has had to consider this many times before. Learn more about menu development from Juelene Beck & Associates, L.L.C.

Menus are More than What You Think

A restaurant’s menu is the foundation of any restaurant. The food is the primary reason that customers are visiting your location and you must ensure you are providing what people want. Menus are essentially a restaurant’s pitch; it shows the consumer exactly what they have and the components of each menu item. A chain restaurant menu is a marketing tool, essentially, selling everything that restaurant has to offer while giving information on selections and ingredients. Of course restaurants also have advertising and staff to let people know of specials and answer any questions. In today’s market, however, a lot of restaurants are taking orders online where the sole tool left is their menu, which has to be up-to-date and accurate to ensure consumer satisfaction. Consumers’ perspective of the brand’s (chain’s) identity/image, based on previous experiences, its marketing, and what other customers say about the brand also enter into consumers’ decisions regarding menu options. Restaurants need to keep their menus in the forefront of any planning as they are becoming the only way to reach their customers and explain what food they’re serving.     


COVID Effects on Menu Decisions

In order to keep up with efficiency and protect their bottom line, fast-food restaurant chains have had to make calculated decisions when it comes to their menus. In March 2020, McDonald’s took some aggressive steps to simplify its operations to prepare for their exclusive drive-thru menu. Many quick-service operators and executives have noted that their operations are more efficient now than they were before the pandemic


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After all the careful planning and executing of your chain restaurant menu, do you now find yourself with complaints? Did somebody have an allergic reaction to your food? Did your place of business have someone suffer an injury? Are you now finding that you need a restaurant expert witness to help mitigate any complaints or issues? Look no further than Juelene Beck & Associates, L.L.C. for help in any of your chain restaurant needs. They can provide assistance anywhere in the USA, so contact them today!

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